Office Facilities
Design and forethought are key when planning an office build or conversion. If you work in an office you will understand that it is not just a room full of desks, offices have a life and a well designed and built office will enhance the businesses efficiency. It is the little things that are important to the people who will work in the office, where are the toilets, is the car parking effective (and are there enough spaces), is the 'space' one that will aid workers and not just feel like a room full of desks.

We have a very collaborative approach to office space design and build projects. We need to understand the needs for the building and also the potential for growth by the occupying company in the future. When you bring us in on your project our team utilise their wealth of knowledge and experience in construction to make your project run smoothly.

From digging the first hole through to painting the lines in the car park we have a system that will plan and execute the project on time and on budget.

If you have an office build or conversion in mind please feel free to Contact Us so and discuss how we can help you make the most from the building to increase your company’s

The key to the success when planning your warehouse is a thorough understanding of modern logistics technology. Warehouses are no longer big rooms with racks for storing things on pallets. An effectively planned warehouse will increase your bottom line by being an active part of your business.

Our understanding of this and our abundance of experience in building warehouses all over the upper North Island means we will bring more to the table than you expect. Our design and build team work with you to understand your needs and plan a warehouse that will meet them now and into the future.

If you would like to see how we can help you with your warehousing needs please Contact Us.

Schools are a busy hub of the community where the atmosphere within a school contributes as much to the success of the student as the curriculum
We have an excellent reputation in the education sector including public and private schools, preschools and other specialist learning institutions.
The safety and wellbeing of staff and students is paramount during the construction process with building methods and processes we offer flexible solutions to minimize disruption to the everyday running of school activities and term timetables, We are experts at school maintenance and construction projects.

Please Contact Us to see how we can help you with your schools requirements.

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